Neck & Back

Southern Orthopaedic Specialists provide expert surgical care for all neck and back conditions including all types of complex injuries, disease, and arthritis. We offer expert diagnosis and full treatment including non-operative treatments, specialized therapy, and advanced surgical care.

Neck and back conditions can involve the many structures that allow stable strong pain-free motion including the bones, cartilage, ligaments and surrounding muscles. We provide comprehensive care including injuries of professional/amateur athletes, workplace accidents, reconstruction of traumatic and arthritis conditions, and surgical repair required to address injuries or medical conditions.

When you visit Southern Orthopaedic Specialists, your physician will discuss your neck or back condition with you and develop a unique, comprehensive treatment plan that meets your specific needs. We will determine if neck or back surgery is necessary and, if so, discuss the procedure with you while answering any questions you may have. Additional therapy with our physical therapists ensures the highest level rehabilitative care for complete healing, recovery, and return to activities.

Common Neck & Back Conditions include: